About Me

La Niña Bonita is a Latin Puertorican Bilingual TV Personality, she started working in the industry in 2012 on a local Radio Show” De Todo un Poco”. After one year had the opportunity to join on the adventure that would be “De Todo un Poco en las Noches”.

A Latin Talk Show based in Central Florida, keeping people up to date with everything about Latin Entertainment, Travel, Movies & Lifestyle topics.  She has been able to interview International Artists like Daddy Yankee, Victor Manuelle, Luis Fonsi, Jen Carlos Canela and many others.

Always passionate of what she does and wanting to bring more to the table; she decided to open up her Personal Blog. 


Bringing her Entertainment Section, from “De Todo un Poco TV” and uniting it with more innovative topics to create a space where she will share a little bit of everything with you. She will not only talk about Entertainment, or Fashion; She will also help you find places to hangout and also some tips for when you go on vacation to different spots around the world.

Being a mom of two boys, she will also share some mom tips with you and have a space to share family moments as well. She loves spending time with her family, traveling and also learning from you. She created this space to share many things with you and she hope you enjoy it

It will also be a space where you will be able to learn about what she loves in music, but at the same time hear the new upcoming Artists that you don’t know yet about.  She is creating a special place where anyone can feel comfortable and not be judge! A space for people to come and learn about different topics they love and also feel identified with my story.

She has been a plus size woman in the Latin Entertainment industry for over 5 years and being able to stand out and let women know, they are capable of anything they propose theirselves to do is he goal. So, now she invites you to join her in this journey and be part of La Niña Bonita’s Journey.