Natti Natasha Surprises Fans with her New Single with Brazilian Superstar Anitta

With the release of her debut album, “ilumiNatti”, Natti Natasha has again demonstrated that she is a female powerhouse. In this new song she is joining forces with another female powerhouse, Anitta. In this new song “Te Lo Dije”, both ladies get together in a video empowering women around the world.
The song forms part of Natti’s new album that was released on Friday, February 15th. Just after one week of its release “illumiNatti” has become one of the most sold albums in USA and Latin America.


“This new song describes the complexity between two women, two friends that recognize true love without being fooled,” expressed  Natti Natasha.  Together with Anitta, they have release one of the most powerful collaborations to date. They filmed the video in Mexico City and in the the video it shows the friendship between them.
Tonight at Premio Lo Nuestro, Natti Natasha, will be performing and this year she is breaking records with being the most nominated artist in the history of the award show with 15 nominations. Watch video here.
Image result for Natti natasha and anitta te lo dije

Published by La Niña Bonita

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