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Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have been living in Orlando, Fl for 11 years. Started working in the Latin Entertainment industry since 2013 but knew it was my passion since I graduated high school because Latin entertainment has always been something that has called my attention. I graduated in 2003 from Academia del Perpetuo Socorro and started college in Puerto Rico at Sacred Heart University, was there for 3 years but life had unexpected experiences for me. At that time I took a long break from school but it was when I started working in radio and TV as a reporter. During this time I had the opportunity to work many professionals from the Latin Entertainment industry and interview many Latin international artists. In 2018 when I started my Media Communications Bachelor’s at Full Sail University and graduated on June 5, 2020 being the Valedictorian of my class. After I graduated I still wanted to learn more from the industry and felt public relations was the right way to go. That is when I decided to enroll in the masters program at Full Sail University. Having been exposed to the industry for over 8 years I feel I have not only the education to work in the industry but also the hands on experience to keep moving forward in my career and bring the best to the table. My goal is to be able to work in the Latin Music Industry for one of the top Latin PR firms and represent different Latin artists.

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