The Networking Life in LinkedIn

One of the top free public relations app that I found would be helpful for all public relation professionals is LinkedIn. I chose this app because is one of top best apps a PR professional uses and because I am so familiar with it and I feel it definitely has helped me a lot in many different ways. LinkedIn is an amazing app that helps for professional networking, it helps PR professionals connect with different people on different industries and vice versa. It is an app that helps you learn at the same time you are networking, you won’t only find individuals there, many companies also use this app to look for employees and share news about them. As a PR professional LinkedIn for me has been a must have, I have been able to connect with other PR professionals but also have been offered different opportunities and have gotten to know other people that work in the Latin Entertainment Industry which for me is a must because on how I want to develop my PR career.

LinkedIn is a free app but it also offers the premium plan, which helps you in different ways depending what you are looking for. It can help on your career, business, sales and hiring if you are a company. If you are not sure if you want to try it, they usually offer a 30 day trial and after that you can take the plan monthly for $59.99 or annually for $575.88 which saves you $144 a year.

The best thing about this app is how easy it is to use and that it has all in one, in your profile you are able to have your resume, website, portfolio, references and many more in one place, which is perfect because as a PR professional it let’s you find the information you may be looking for in an easier way. You can even have pitches there for media to see and contact you if they are interested. The worst thing of the app that I can find is that sometimes it can be hard to understand and too overwhelming at first. We live in a technology world and in a world run by social platforms but not everyone is tech savvy, and when you are not that tech savvy being able to take advantage of everything this app offers could be a problem. Other than that I think this is a must have app for all PR professionals.

LinkedIn can be used in both mobile, tablet and computer. The functionality of the app is mostly the same in a phone or computer. You are able to do the same things and find the same things in either interface. The main difference is the stories, now like many other social media platforms LinkedIn has stories and that is something you can only see in the mobile app not in the computer. Other than that both interfaces work the same way and have the same access.


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Published by La Niña Bonita

La Niña Bonita is a Latin Puerto Rican Bilingual TV Personality, Entertainment Reporter, Tv and Radio Host. Originally from Puerto Rico, La Niña Bonita currently resides in Orlando, FL and is part of the TV Show "De Todo un Poco TV" on Estrella TV on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 a.m.

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